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Test for free without time limitation up to level 10.

Welcome to Lolbandit Bot

Lolbandit Bot is a very easy and comfortable bot to level up accounts in League of Legends.

You can use it to level up your smurf accounts or to level up referral accounts to gain rewards in the Refer-A-Friend system.

Global use

You can run bots from different computers with one global accountlist.

Easy setup

Just download the bot, enter your account details and you are ready to go.


Let your bots play together with bots of other Lolbandit users (Botexchange) or just with your own bots.


The bot automatically updates itself while running when there is a new version available.


Works on all Riot servers (EUW, EUNE, NA, TR, BR, OCE, RU, LAN, LAS). Automatically changes the server according to the leveling account.

Free trial

You can test the bot for free for 6 hours to see if it works.

  • Botsubscription

  • Up to 25 bots at the same time
  • Extend by    for   10 €   Login to subscribe
  • Additional botslots

  • Allows you to run more bots at the same time.

    Important: You need to have a normal botsubscription active in order to use additional botslots.
  • 25 slots for    for  9 €  Login to subscribe
  • 50 slots for    for  17 €  Login to subscribe
  • 75 slots for    for  24 €  Login to subscribe
  • 100 slots for    for  30 €  Login to subscribe

Here you can download the bot and everything you need. Please read the Tutorial before starting the bot.

  • Download .NET Framework 4.0 and install it on your computer, if you don't have this installed already.
  • Download Lolbandit Bot and move the file into an empty folder

  • Updated for patch 5.9
  • Fixed a bug not creating coop lobbies
  • Updated for patch 5.7
  • Fixed a bug not clicking continue at game end
  • Fixed a bug creating custom and coop games
  • Fixed a bug not clicking continue at game end
  • Added Teamwork OP check
  • (Previous versions are not documented and contain small fixes)
  • Fixed a bug not purchasing XP boost (99.png)
  • Fixed a bug not selecting Crystal Scar in Customgame creation
  • Fixed handling of EULA
  • Fixed handling of 'I Agree' popup
  • Fixed a bug with not clicking Launch
  • Added detection to type 'I Agree'
  • Added detection for low priority login queue
  • Fixed a bug with not clicking Launch
  • Fixed a bug with not purchasing XP boost
  • Fixed a bug with not selecting map in custom game creation
  • Fixed a bug with not accepting EULA
  • Fixed a bug with not clicking Launch
  • Fixed a bug with not accepting the Eula of the patcher
  • Fixed a bug where the bot did not detect the loadingscreen of battletraining
  • Added double check for reaching maxlevel. The bot now takes a screenshot of any account that reaches maxlevel
  • Added handling of AFK warning
  • Added option to turn off screenshot logging (see here)
  • Fixed a bug where not clicking Launch in the patcher
  • Added a short delay before clicking Launch to prevent maestro errors/bugsplat
  • Fixed an issue with Bugsplats slowing down the bot
  • Fixed a bug with purchasing XP boosts
  • Updated the bot for patch 4.15.
  • Fixed a bug where Coop vs AI games did not start
  • Fixed auto-updater (the bot will automatically update during runtime again with version and above)
  • Fixed a bug where Coop vs AI games did not start
  • Fixed a bug with not detecting the 4-win XP boost popup
  • Fixed a bug where bots reported game ended while still ingame
  • Added checks for disabled store, ApplicationError (rads_user_kernel), Skip endgame stats
  • The bot now immediately tries to reconnect instead of restarting if the game crashes in loadingscreen
  • Fixed a bug where the bot was stuck at AFK warning
  • Min-/maximizing now more reliable on slower machines
  • Possible workaround for 'Game has ended' bug by still trying walk around and end the game
  • Changed window mode of the game from fullscreen to borderless (should fix lolbandit UI glitch, frozen VMs)
  • Fixed a bug where the bot crashed at the end of every game ('Game lost on check')
  • First release of the new version
  • Client changes
    • The interface of Lolbandit Bot and the Updater are now more simplified (no need to edit any config files)
    • Improved bot actions and error checking
  • Ingame changes
    • Improved reconnect behavior to prevent getting banned by LeaverBuster. Bots are now able to reconnect after being disconnected from the lolbandit server or after a gamecrash at any point.
    • Improved CPU load - the bot now minimizes the game when idling
    • Changed Coop vs AI gamemode - now playing The Twisted Treeline as it is more solid (game length 10-15 minutes)
  • Subscriptions
    • Lifetime accounts are now unavailable, existing lifetime accounts will keep lifetime access
    • Subscription costs are now depending on how many concurrent bots you run
    • Any account can run up to 25 concurrent bots with a normal subscription
    • To run more concurrent bots, you need to subscribe to botslots
  • Website changes
    • Website got a major overhaul
    • You can now switch the language to English or German at the bottom of the page
    • The accountlist is now more advanced for more control over your accounts
    • The number of accounts in the accountlist is now less limited, please contact us if you reach a limit and need to add more accounts to your list
    • Running accounts can be marked for stopping and will be set to 'Disabled' after the current game
    • Botexchange and Battletraining can now be set individually for each account
    • Changes will now affect running bots since they will be checking their settings after each game
  • Known bugs
    • When trying to log in with invalid settings, you cannot re-try or close. Please exit Lolbandit Bot via Taskmanager until this bug is fixed
  • This version is still being tested, please report any bugs
  • Closed testrelease

This tutorial will explain step by step how to use Lolbandit Bot. If you are new to this bot please carefully read the whole tutorial before you start using the bot. account

To use this bot, you need to register a account. Registration is free. After registration, you can test the bot for 6 hours for free to see if it works on your computer and if you like the bot before purchasing. Click on 'Home' and then on 'Registration' near the login form. You will receive an email with a verification link. Click this link to unlock your account.

In the 6 hour trial phase you can only add up to 10 accounts to your accountlist and you can only run up to 10 bots at the same time.

To keep using the bot after the trial phase you need to subscribe. After subscribing to a botsubscription, you can add more accounts to your accountlist. If you should reach an accountlimit please feel free to contact us. You can also run up to 25 bots at the same time. If you need to run even more than that, you need to subscribe to botslots which will allow you to run more bots at the same time.

About the bot

This bot is a program to level up accounts in League of Legends. This system matches multiple bots together as teams to play custom or Coop vs AI games. The following sections explain how the system works.


The bot is able to let accounts play battletraining at level 1. Completing battletraining for the first time on an account will boost the account to level 2 and a half. The bot plays battletraining by walking around on the summoner platform for 20 minutes and then surrendering to successfully complete battletraining. Playing battletraining is usually faster than not playing it to get an account to level 2 and a half.


To get experience from custom or Coop vs AI games you need other players in the game. This system matches teams consisting of Lolbandit bots to gain experience in custom games and to not disturb human players in Coop vs AI games. Botexchange is a feature that allows your bot or bots to get matched in teams with the bots of other Lolbandit users. If you turn this feature off, you need to run the required amount of bots for the given gamemode. Check below how many bots are required for the different gamemodes.

Custom games

Between level 1 and 15, bots will play custom games on The Crystal Scar. This gamemode needs 6 bots, 3 in each team. The blue team will capture the capturepoints and win the game, the purple team will just walk around and lose the game. Bots will get matched in random teams as they join the gamelobby. Games in this gamemode usually take 7 to 8 minutes.

Coop vs AI games

Between level 14 and 30, bots will play Coop vs AI games on The Twisted Treeline. This gamemode needs 3 bots which will just walk around the map and let the enemy AI win the game. Coop vs AI games are necessary since accounts with level 15 and above will not gain experience in custom games after a certain amount of time. Games in this gamemode usually take 12 to 15 minutes.


Before you start the bot, you need to add League of Legends accounts which you want to level up to your accountlist on this website. Click on 'Accountlist' to view and modify your accounts. Click on 'Add accounts' to add an account or multiple accounts to your accountlist.

Filter, search and sort

You can search and filter your accountlistby clicking on 'Search...'. You can sort the accountlist by specific columns by clicking on the column title.

Modify accounts

To remove accounts, mark accounts for stopping or change their settings, you can select one or more accounts from the list by clicking on them or select a range of accounts by clicking an account, holding Shift and clicking another account. You can select all accounts of the accountlist by pressing Ctrl + a.

After selecting accounts, you can modify them by clicking on the different settings. Note that you can only mark accounts for stopping if they are running and you cannot change the status of accounts with status 'Busy'.


Once you added accounts to your accountlist, you can download the needed files from the 'Download' section. Install the .NET Framework 4.0 if you don't have it already installed and move the file 'Lolbandit Bot.exe' into a new folder.

You then need to disable a Windows feature called 'Clear Type Text' so the bot can detect images on the screen properly. Below is described how to disable it.

Disable ClearTypeText in Windows XP

Click this link to learn how to disable ClearTypeText in Windows XP.

Disable ClearTypeText in Windows 7

Follow the steps below to disable ClearTypeText in Windows 7.

  • Press Windows + R to open the 'Run' command
  • Enter cttune and click 'Ok'
  • Remove the tick from the checkbox in the window that opened
  • Click next multiple times until it's completed

Menu Animations

To make champselect work in Battletraining, you need to uncheck 'Disable Menu Animations' in the League of Legends client. Click here to learn how to uncheck 'Disable Menu Animations'.

Set screen resolution

Set your screen resolution to 1024x768 pixels for the bot to work.

Run the bot

You can now start the bot. Start the bot as administrator to avoid any problems. It will download everything else that is needed and will automatically update to the latest version. After updating, you need to enter your account details and point to the folder where League of Legends is installed. Click on start to run the bot. If the entered information is correct, the bot will automatically start on the next start of the bot. To exit the bot at any time, press the END key. You cannot pause the bot.


Do not move the mouse or anything while the bot is running or else it might fail and restart everything.

Usually you can only run one bot on one computer. If you want to run more than one bot on your computer, you need to use virtual machines. Please search forums for tutorials on how to set up virtual machines.

The bot will change your ingame settings. Make a backup of your game.cfg file if you want to keep your settings.

Using virtual machines

In this video tutorial we describe how to run more than one Lolbandit Bot on the same computer.

Make sure you start the bot as administrator. Also make sure that the bot is not blocked by a firewall.
Disable ClearTypeText. If you are using a virtualizing software other than VMWare, it will probably not work. Also make sure to use a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels.
Please make sure you have accounts added to your accountlist.
Please make sure that you have Botexchange enabled on your accounts or that you run enough bots needed to create teams.
If you are using Windows 8, make sure your fontsize settings are at 100%. Make sure your task bar is not covering the game window (if it does, set your taskbar to auto-hide).
There have been no reports of banned accounts by using this bot. Since the use of bots is against Riots terms of use, you could get banned. Use this bot at your own risk.
This tool is outdated and not working anymore. We are working on a new service for automatic and comfortable account creation for League of Legends.
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